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Pastor Chad Prigmore

Chad Prigmore is Pastor and President of The Way Ministry Church USA & Kenya, a biblically Reformed, non-denominational Christian Church committed to the edification of the saints, the great commission of making disciples of all nations, and sharing the love of Christ by reaching out with the gospel.


He also runs Recovery Reformation with the mission of abolishing non-Christian concepts and returning to biblical principles when it comes to Christians dealing with habitual sins such as alcohol and drug abuse.

Originally from Southern California, Chad now lives in Meridian, Idaho with his wife Laurie and son Wyatt.

Drinking started as a cool thing to do. Cocaine use started as a cool thing – it was seen as such in the 1980s. It ended up as a horrible nightmare, desperate and hopeless.

Todd Disraeli

Todd first heard Pastor Chad speak on the radio over five years ago. After hearing him discuss Recovery Reformation during one of his shows, Todd reached out to donate his company’s service and support. He and Pastor Chad have worked on projects together ever since.


He gave his life to Christ over 25 years ago, in an African American church in Los Angeles. It’s safe to say that the heart-felt Gospel music, praising Jesus that Sunday morning, was the final push.


Todd and his wife Adrienne have been married for 27 years and have 3 amazing boys…Zack (Zechariah), Lukas (Luke), and Nathan (Nathanael).


Once the dust has settled, Todd plans on joining Chad on the podcast shows. To learn more about his background and business, visit www.disraelidesigns.com.

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